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My Background

My first taste of art was drawing pots in charcoal in junior high.  Years passed before I found the time and inspiration to attempt more art and painting on fabric was fun and easy.  After that I was introduced to my first porcelain art teacher, Sharon Steen, who taught me for many months.  I moved to Arizona, and found more teachers and friends that I painted with for many years -- Marge Schoen, Sue Powell and Ginny Hall were my teachers.  I found that I have the ability to paint portraits of animals and worked on flowers and other subjects.  Now I also paint acrylics and oils with Bud Hess as my teacher.  

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My Medium

My paintings  are completed on glazed porcelain most frequently but paintings are also on canvas or acrylics on canvas or boards.  Please enjoy my art gallery!


My Inspiration

We love to go four wheeling and take long walks.  This picture was taken at West Fork, north of Sedona.  I paint from my own or my husband's photographs making a few changes as desired.  Nature, whether great landscapes, birds, flowers or animals, is my inspiration for my work.  I thank my heavenly Father for giving me some talent to be able to look at his wonderful creation and copy it just a bit!


Pat Paint's Porcelain and More

Mesa Arizona

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Pat Paints Porcelain and More

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